What Do People Want From Your Wedding?

Your wedding is going to be special. You will be together with your closest friends and family, sharing one of the most important experiences of your life. From now until then, you will make hundreds of decisions big and small about every detail of your wedding. Your day will be special because no matter how it plays out, it will be a unique experience that reflects the love between you and your partner.

Will it be fun though? Or more specifically, how fun will it be? How much will you and your guests enjoy the day/night? While your wedding is guaranteed to be special, you want to make sure that it’s also going to be a fun party.

Over the next week, we hope to explain to you how music is the secret ingredient that can not only make your wedding flow smoothly, but make it a party to remember. You will also learn everything you need to know about choosing music for your wedding.

Music Is Everywhere

The first thing you need to understand is in just how many places throughout your day that music can actually be. It’s important to realise that music is an integral part of just about every stage of the wedding/reception. Music isn’t just the icing on the proverbial wedding cake, it’s also the sugar that makes the cake so delicious. We’re going to look at these parts in more detail, but as an overview, here are a few places where music can work its magic. While the format of ceremonies varies depending on where each one takes place etc, there are some common parts that all require music:

The official part of the day starts with the bride walking down the isle. Of course, you can expect to hear music here. There’s the signing of the register and the recessional (music, music.) Each of these parts is a very significant moment of the wedding and music is an important element that adds an extra emotional layer. Then there is the reception. The reception officially begins with the bridal party entering the room full of seated guests. Music should be played here. There’s the bridal waltz, the throwing of the bouquet, the throwing of the garter and the goodbye circle (music, music, music, music.) This is all without mentioning the one thing that your guests will spend the most time doing – dancing!

Music isn’t just a nice addition to your wedding, it’s an integral part. By understanding the importance of music, not only will you give your wedding the best shot at being awesome, it can help you understand how your day/night will run.

The Role That Music Plays

You can think of music as having three main roles to play at your wedding:

Enhancing emotion – Music adds an emotional layer at certain stages. For example, when the bride walks down the isle, music plays an important role in creating the right atmosphere and capturing the significance of the occasion. The music is not the focus point here (the bride is) yet it unmistakingly enhances the moment.

Providing a backdrop – Music at times simply provides a nice backdrop. When your guests are eating entrees and chatting, music should be playing in the background. The music is in the background and adds a little bit of atmosphere.

Focus Point – At certain stages of your wedding reception, the music is the focus point. This mainly takes place when the formalities are over, the dance floor is open, and dancing is the main priority.

We’re going to delve deeper into the individual parts of your day and the role that music plays. For now, just understand that music is important and can be the difference between your guests experiencing a nice wedding vs a party to remember.

Before We Go On…

Before we go on, we want to acknowledge that this has been written by a wedding band. Obviously, if you decided so, we would love to play at your wedding. It’s what we do. We have however, genuinely tried to make this an unbiased, general and highly valuable guide to music at your wedding, regardless of which band (if any) you decide to book. This guide will tell you all you need to know about music and your wedding and will enable you to choose the right band for you.

One More Thing Though…

The one thing that we would like however, is for you to come to a free, live showcase. We’ll talk more about showcases later, but they are a chance for you to watch bands perform live without any pressure to book. Simply contact us here and we’ll let you know when our next live showcase is.


Here is a video of the Connotations Showreel. Have a listen and try to imagine your guests dancing to these tunes!